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Little Flock of Curls

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Our Story

It all began one exceptionally cold April in 2013, when a shepherd friend asked Pauline whether she would be interested in helping out with lambing, as he was expecting a lot of triplets that year. What followed can only be described as a 'crazy bonkers' three weeks spent racing around precipitous fields on a quad bike in freezing temperatures, desperately trying to bring new born lambs safely into the world.  And she loved it ... and life would never be the same again.

Pauline then became assistant shepherdess to around fifty breeding ewes while working at the Bride Valley Vineyard.  In Autumn 2017 she achieved the dream of having her own flock.​ And that's when her partner Tim came into the picture.

Following the brief of 'must be easy to handle', he came up with the idea of having Gotland sheep. While the word 'native' was also part of the brief, it took only one visit to a breeder and they were both smitten by these friendly, inquisitive Swedish sheep with luxurious curls.​ So, they took a deep breath and started a new venture, to grow their gorgeous flock primarily to promote the wool industry.

Tim is a creative director of an advertising agency and Pauline is a garden designer and writer. They live in the beautiful Bride Valley with their border collies, Ellie and Skye ... and their 'Little Flock of Curls'.

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Our Gotland Flock

We started with our pedigree Whitehall breeding stock in Autumn 2017 ... five yearlings, Elsa, Ida, Freyja, Mathilda and Ulla.  In October, our three in-lamb ewes, Inga, Svea and Meya arrived and in March 2018 gave birth to black ewe lambs Lumi, Noomi, Ebba, Pia and cheeky ram lamb Fisk. We now have a flock of twenty-five over five generations.

Each have their own unique characteristics that change as the flock grows, as do their gorgeous fleeces, which range from jet black

to all shades of steely grey.  

And Gotland sheep have the most beautiful eyes!   

Sisters Tilda & Freyja
Siri lamb
Signe baby lamb
Tuva lamb
Ulla and baby lamb
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Gotland Lambs

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Gorgeous Gotland Fleece

Gotland fleece is simply stunning, with clearly defined, variable silky curls that are soft to the touch. Our fleeces are of consistent high quality, the shearling fleece being the most prized for its staple length.

Perfect for spinners, knitters, textile artists, weavers and felters alike.

Little Flock of Curls fleeces are available on Etsy, through the Guild of Spinners and Weavers or direct from us.  

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Gotland Sheep for Sale

Inevitably there comes a point when a flock size reaches its limit. We currently have a small selection of registered breeding

ewes and wethers for sale.

It goes without saying that our flock is well looked after and up to date with routine vaccinations and treatments. 

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Lumi lamb
First frosts ...
Arty lamb shot
Signe lamb
Lumi with mum Meja
Shepherd with Pia & Fisk
Svea arty shot
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Writing & 


During her time working at the Bride Valley Vineyard, Pauline discovered

a wonderful nature playground for her love of photography.  

The sheep, wildlife, fascinating matrix of vines and 

stunning countryside are a true inspiration for any aspiring photographer.

In her capacity of garden designer and writer, Pauline is a full member of the Garden Media Guild and has contributed to The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

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Little Flock of Curls

If you are interested in learning more about our flock and fleeces or would like to employ Pauline's writing skills, please contact us on:

Dorchester 01308 482588


All photographs remain the copyright of Pauline Caroline Jones.  

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